[…]Moments later, they shot and killed another Somali. The man darted out into their alley and sprinted away from them. As he ran his loose shirt billowed back to reveal an AK, so they shot him. About five Rangers squeezed off rounds at the same time. The man lay on the street only a half block away and Goodale wondered if they had killed him. He asked the medic if they should check him out, help him if he was just injured, and the medic just shook his head and said “No, he’s dead.” It startled Goodale. He had killed a man, or helped anyway. It troubled him. The had not actually been trying to kill him when he fired, so in the purest sense it wasn’t self-defense. So how could he justify what he had done? He watched the man in the dirt, his clothes tangled around him, splayed awkwardly where the bullets had felled him. A life, like his, ended. Was this the right thing?

(Mark Bowden – Black Hawk Down)